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The Lioness

A small settlement of humans living on a terraformed planet forge their lives on inhospitable terrain. After generations of struggle, the landscape and the planet life have shaped their culture and beliefs. Now a teen girl named Alma and her peers must test themselves in a deadly coming-of-age ritual on the edge of a vast, unforgiving desert known as The Lioness.

Tales of Aethera
Set in an alternate universe, a brilliant researcher named Horus Lee is on the verge of unlocking the secret to time travel. When powerful forces threaten to misuse his device, Horus is torn by a decision to complete his life’s work or prevent power from falling into the wrong hands.

Blanky Bot
Blanky Bot, a sawdust powered robot with a unique skillset and good intentions, but they just can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

Mitch wasn’t always a mad scientist, but now he’s created a strange creature in his living room for a North Korean game show, and seems to have misplaced it…

Last Stop ’til Earth
A group of aliens living on a space station just outside of our solar system discover new challenges after finding an ancient relic that everyone in the universe seems to want.

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