Love’s For Suckas

If love is the universal language, then everyone is speaking a different dialect. Like all high school seniors, Eric has it all figured out…until his long-suffering girlfriend decides she’s had enough of his shit and breaks up with him. With his world turned upside down, Eric decides to win her back because he’s changed…seriously for real this time. Love’s for Suckas follows one guy’s quest to understand this crazy thing called love. And along the way, with help from friends, he learns that even though it’s tempting to hold on to the past, sometimes you have to let go. And maybe, just maybe he gets what he’s after…even if it’s not what he thought it would be.

Written & Illustrated by Felix Quinonez Jr.

Ch. 2 Page 9Ch. 2 Page 13Ch. 4 Page 1

#comics #comicbooks #comix #illustrations

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